What are Commercial Business Wraps?

Back in the day, businesses would hire window painters to paint bright, colorful messages to communicate special events or sales coming up. While we respect this form of art, we put a little twist on the idea and put our artwork in the computer — then print it out!

We have several custom products to add temporary or long-term signage on ANY size window, vehicle or other compatible surface to display your messages! We even carry 60/40 perforated film that allows us to print a full-color design and completely cover a window, but allow 40% of the light to still come through! From the inside, the film is barely noticeable. But on the outside, the bold statement make a H-U-G-E impact!


High-Quality Commercial Business Wraps

Unlike vehicles that can be parked in a garage or covered parking, Commercial Business wraps on windows or fleet vehicles are ALWAYS exposed to the sun. Naturally, the sun’s UV rays drain the color from printed materials causing unwanted fading. We’ve been around for a while, and have seen this first-hand with lower quality materials. While we can’t prevent the sun from doing it’s thing, what we CAN do is use high-quality UV Resistant materials. So, that’s exactly what we do! Check out our examples, and let us know what we can help you design today!



Check out a few samples of the work we’ve done for Commercial Business Wraps

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