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To meet the needs of our customers and the growing demand for design and install services, we proudly serve all of the Paradise Valley area. Installation services are completed by our mobile install crew members timely and professionaly, with quality as our #1 priority!

Even though most of Paradise Valley consists of residential dwellings, our commercial window wraps division stays very busy! In addition to creating and installing custom wraps for our commercial customers, we also provide custom designs for our business and high-end automobile owners.

Services We Offer In Paradise Valley

Color Change Wraps in Paradise Valley

About Color Change Wraps

Our team has completed many Color Change Wraps installations in Paradise Valley. Let us help you look your best!

Uses for Color Change Wraps

The name “Color Change Wrap” is a little deceiving because the wrap film doesn’t actually change color. Cool idea though, right? We can get close using iridescent films, which give the appearance of changing colors based on the angle viewed — but that’s more of a custom design thing!

What the service actually entails is providing you with the ability to “change the color” of your vehicle using a wrap instead of paint. See what we mean? With so many amazing films manufactured today by companies like Inozetek, 3M and Avery, we can help you achieve the look of a perfect factory paint job at a fraction of the cost!

Because our solutions are a much less expensive option to paint, you can change your vehicle color with a wrap and still be less than a paint job. PLUS, the wrap will help protect your factory paint. How’s that for a “change”?

Color Change Wraps Quality Standards

You trust us with your vehicle so we must trust in our materials and expert installers to bring your idea to life. That’s why we only use the highest-quality films available. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for!” While we always try to provide the most competitive prices possible to install our color change wraps, we know we couldn’t ever compromise on quality. After all, the idea is to have our wraps look better than a new paint job — and we can’t do that with junk materials.


Examples of Color Change Wraps

Custom Design in Paradise Valley

About Custom Design

A custom designed wrap by Colorbomb Wraps will ensure you are seen AND look good. Only professionals can deliver that promise!

Our team has completed many Custom Design installations in Paradise Valley. Let us help you look your best!

Uses for Custom Design

A custom designed wrap is a uniquely tailored design to match the personality of you and your vehicle! Every line and curve of your vehicle is taken into consideration during the design process to provide the most custom appearance to solicit the “Wow Factor” you’re looking for.

Custom Design Quality Standards

A perfect design starts with an experienced designer. With more than 2,000 wraps and counting under our belt, we have learned many design lessons — some the hard way, and that’s what makes us great!

Just because a design looks good on a computer screen, doesn’t mean it will look good in print. Ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for?” We did, and that’s why we invest in only the best print equipment and materials to ensure we are able to accurately reproduce colors and details the same way we can on the computer screen.


Examples of Custom Design

Luxury Automotive Wraps in Paradise Valley

About Luxury Automotive Wraps

Don’t trust your luxury vehicle to just anyone, trust the Pros! We are experts in design and execution to ensure your ride looks like a million bucks!

Our team has completed many Luxury Automotive Wraps installations in Paradise Valley. Let us help you look your best!

Uses for Luxury Automotive Wraps

So, you have a luxury vehicle you want to customize, but it’s your baby? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in customizations for luxury vehicles, including rare vehicles that are worth more than some famous paintings.

Providing customizations on high-dollar luxury vehicles requires a level of precision that should be left to the pros. A perfectly executed design and installation is an absolute requirement to ensure the vehicle looks it’s absolute best. Our goal is to provide a look that is so seamless, you’ll hear: “Nice paint job!”

Luxury Automotive Wraps Quality Standards

If you’re considering a custom wrap for your luxury vehicle, remember one thing: “The devil is in the details”. Luxury vehicles are normally riddle with sleek lines and curves that are far from “flat” like the film that is applied. Thanks to all the contoured surfaces, installations are extremely tricky. A high quality installation requires installers that have the experience fitting the materials to ensure seams only appear in places that are natural for your vehicle, while maintaining the integrity of the design concept. We proudly say we execute this flawlessly, everytime, or we make it right!


Examples of Luxury Automotive Wraps

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